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What exactly is it that we do?


1. aerodynamics

1. Aerodynamics

With current technologies, achieving marginal gains are more accessible. Spending time working on aerodynamic position and comfort level on the bike will deliver more value and results for everyone passionate about cycling.

2. cooling and thermoregulation

2. Cooling and thermoregulation

The climate chamber facility at BikeValley is installed for research in cooling strategies in sports. During effort the core body temperature of athletes rises rapidly and with the use of cooling clothing or heat acclimation the core body temperature will rise less rapidly and a better performance can be obtained.

3. bike fitting

3. bike fitting

Comfort and cycling efficiency are strongly dependent on the cyclist’s position on the bicycle. An optimal position will lead to improved oxygen uptake, maximal power transmission, better aerodynamics and enhanced comfort. This will in turn result in improved performance and reduced risk of injury.


For who?

We welcome all types of sports enthusiasts in our facilities, from amateurs to professionals and anything in between.