Our engineering team measures the aerodynamic drag and turbulence of cyclists and athletes and helps to improve aerodynamic efficiency.


For who?


time trialists



01 fundamentals


Aero fundamentals course

- In the Fit to Fly studio
- 1 hour course
- 75 euro, ex. VAT

Want to know more about aerodynamics? Our experts explain the key concepts and fundamentals of aerodynamics and the influence on performance. We also highlight the future evolution of cycling and sports in general (e.g. the importance of thermoregulation and technology innovations in cycling safety).


02 basic


Aero fit basic

- 1 hour wind tunnel test
- 500 euro, ex. VAT
- Half day and day packages possible

Eager to understand your own performance and aerodynamic position on the bike?

During an aero fit basic session in our wind tunnel our engineers help you to improve your performance and explore marginal gains in performance by working on position, comfort level and equipment and clothing.


03 extended

bikefitting 2.jpg

Aero fit extendeD

- 1hr pre-assessment in simulation lab
- 1 hour test in wind tunnel
- Advice report
- 750 euro, ex. VAT

Ready to take it a step further? Our aero fit extended session is the total package! We will conduct a pre-assessment in our simulation lab applying latest technology in computer simulation (our computer fluid dynamics tool) to give you an insight in your behaviour and position on the bike. Together we will identify areas of improvement and test and optimise your aerodynamics in the wind tunnel.




additional tools

- Calculations and aerodynamic data (individual)/ report
- Software only: 895 euro onwards, ex. VAT
- Hardware: 300 euro ex. VAT

Receive live feedback based on your individual results in the wind tunnel test and train your optimal aero pose at your own pace and in your own environment. With this software, you will be able to select different simulations to train in those particular environments (e.g. Tokyo2020, Paris 2024). Manual CDA measurements, rolling resistance and mechanical resistance applications to improve the accuracy of your simulation are all included