Cooling and thermoregulation


University studies indicate the importance of regulating body heat and the effect on performance gains. An athlete who controls and sheds heat and sweat effectively, will be in optimal condition to boost his or her performance. Our cooling strategies help athletes active in all sports domains to better manage evaporation and core body temperature (CBT).

Tests are conducted in our climate room (temperatures up to 30-32°), unique in its field in that we adopt cooling garments to the individual and personalise environmental conditions (as opposed to adaptation training sessions), specific to the body of the athlete and the expected temperature of the competition. When you leave our climate room, you will know exactly your level of readiness for your upcoming game or race in terms of body temperature control.


For who?




Cooling/ moisture control fundamentals course

- 1 hour course
- 75 euro, ex. VAT

Cooling/ Climate test

- 1 hour test with operator
- 120 euro, ex. VAT
- Also possible without operator