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victor campenaerts

victor campenaerts

Since 2017, Victor has been using our wind tunnel test facility multiple times, mainly to optimise his position to race as fast as possible. Secondly, our team has been exploring the most suitable set-up (helmets, speed suits, cockpits, etc.) to minimise his level of aerodynamic drag during the race.

In April 2019 Victor broke the world hour record, at the time held by Bradley Wiggins (54.526km in 2015), highlighting once again the importance of aerodynamics!

Our BikeValley engineers speak about their experience working with Victor:

Victor is a great athlete with eye for detail. From body position to accessories, everything was optimised in order to create the best aerodynamic set-up possible for him. His aerodynamic numbers, material, power output and perseverance were instrumental in beating the world hour record.


saleta castro

saleta castro

Saleta tested in the BikeValley wind tunnel during the test days of her triatlon team ITZU tri-team. Together with all athletes, we looked at improving position and creating more comfort and speed for the cycling component of triathlon.

An athlete who is more comfortable with a better fit on the bike, does not only ride faster but also transitions more smoothly to running, with less strain on the muscles.

Besides positioning we also tested various triathlon suits, helmets and the NAQI speedgels (see picture). This cooling gel applies roughness to the skin which benefits the aerodynamics of the body.


Diederik thier

diederik thier

Diederik, a gifted rider with the amateurs, visited the wind tunnel to improve his aerodynamic and comfort level during time trials. By focussing mainly on his cockpit with different extensions and arm positions, we were able to improve his level of comfort (less pressure and tension in the shoulders and arms) and knock down his aerodynamic drag.

Besides position, Diederik also tested with different helmets and speed suits to be in the utmost positions to appear at the start with time trial races. Added up, these marginal gains deliver approximately 7% of aerodynamic resistance in his performance.



Bart Aernouts

Bart werd tweede bij de triatlon in Kona 2018. Om deze goede prestaties te blijven behalen dook Bart samen met Bioracer de wind tunnel in om onderzoek te doen naar snellere triatlon pakken.

Door verschillende stoffen te gebruiken kan Bart kleine winsten behalen ten opzichte van zijn oude pak.

Ook zijn de accessoires van Bart getest en is er gekeken hoe de positie van Bart aangepast kan worden dat hij zo snel mogelijk het fiets parcours in een triatlon kan afwerken. Hierbij de focus op stabiliteit, comfort, sustainability en aerodynamica.